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Delivery Services

*Fuel Surcharges In Effect

We offer delivery for all products that we sell. Though we do allow customers to enter into the pit with a personally owned vehicle, you might surprised to find why having your rock delivered is typically a better option.

Current Rates

4 axle solo dump truck: $130 per hour round-trip from the pit (includes spreading)


Side Dump: $185/hour

For larger projects, side dumps and truck and trailer are also available. It is necessary that there be enough room to maneuver these larger vehicles. Call for details.


Delivery is economical
For small amounts of rock being transported short distances, it may be less expensive to pick up your products with a pickup and/or trailer. However, it doesn't take a lot of rock pickup or distant transport requirements for delivery to be a more economical solution.

Save your time
Not only is it often times much cheaper to have your rock delivered, but it allows you to stay busy with something else while we take care of your projects rock supply. On average, we can haul about 14 times more than the common personally owned vehicle; 14 times less trips

Save your truck
Let our trucks get dirty while yours stay clean on the driveway. Our vehicles are designed and well suited for the rugged and heavy-duty work that rock hauling requires.

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